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Warning Message in MSO6104A - Scope not operational

Question asked by ksp on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by ksp
Hi all

I have been using the MSO6104A scope of late for making some basic signal measurements. While i was in the midst of doing it, the scope seem to have encountered a software hang with none of the controls getting any responses. 

But on recycling power, i encountered the attached error message which actually shows a warning of internal battery in use. I have connected it to the AC mains only. The scope doesn't respond to any control knobs/soft keys even though some of the soft keys do appear illuminated. i have also changed the power chord to eliminate any power chord issue.

There is absolutely no response even after cycling power multiple times. 
It would be helpful if some one can guide me to possible cause and is it likely to be a costly affair to fix it?