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82357A USB-to-GPIB doesn't work with Windows 7

Question asked by ronw on Mar 24, 2014
I have an 82357A USB-to-IEEE488 adapter on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. The problem is that National Instruments NI-MAX can't communicate with GPIB devices after I cycle power to the system. Instead, I get a MAXVISATimeoutError in NI-MAX.

I'm looking for help getting reliable communication to the IEEE488 devices for my LabVIEW app. Here are the details:

When I install NI-VISA 5.4.1 and Agilent IO Libraries 16.3 under Windows 7, I can see IEEE488 devices attached to the system under both NI-MAX and the Agilent IO.

If I _reset_ the system I can still see the devices in both NI-MAX and Agilent IO, and access them without error. So far so good...

But if I _cycle power_ to the system, I get a MAXVISATimeoutError in NI-MAX when I try to expand the Software entry under My System, or use Tools -> NI-VISA -> VISA options.

From the Agilent IO software I can still communicate with the devices - query them and get responses.

At this point, in order to communicate with the IEEE488 devices from NI-MAX I have to uninstall Agilent IO and NI-VISA and reinstall them. This works until the next time I cycle power.

I understand the 82357A is an obsolete product. I've found one post that says it doesn't work under Windows 7. Can anyone verify this?

This same configuration works fine under Windows XP.