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34972A stops responding

Question asked by Kevin001 on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Kevin001
A program (VEE ver.9.31) which logs voltage readings from 4 channels on a 34972A (connected via USB) every 30 seconds works OK for a day or two but then loses contact with the instrument. 

Behaves the same with a .vxe file on another PC, on which only the runtime engine is installed.

The logged data are stored in a .txt file.

This is the only instrument connected.

When this fault occurs it can be seen by connection expert - and I can interact as I please from the control panel. But VEE behaves as though the 34972A had changed its Visa alias or that the USB cable has fallen out etc. I had to restart the .vee/.vxe program.

On one occasion the fault was worse - even connection expert couldn't see the 34972A and I had to power cycle it. But I didn't have to restart VEE

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