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using .Net4.0

Question asked by andreas_h on Jan 27, 2014
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I'm using vee 9.32 running on .net4.5 framework.

I've got a library based on .net4.0 framework. Is it possible to import and use methods of .net 4.0 or .net4.5 library? 

Since the application vee 9.3 is running on .net4.5 plattform, it's somehow expected, that also the assemblies could be referenced within vee programms. 

In this forum I found (4 years old) : 

Create own dotNet instruments driver use in VEE-.NET 4.0 W7P


Is there a roadmap, when  .net4.0/4.5 assemblies will be supported by vee?
If there is no solution, I have to move the whole vee application to a pure  .net4.5  project.



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