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How to design a "Match Standard" for TRM Cal Kit

Question asked by mirza on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by mirza
Hi everyone, 

I am designing a TRL Cal kit. The insertion phase on the "Line standard" is 17.90 degrees at start frequency and 161.17 degrees at end frequency. I know that the range should be 20 to 160 degress. I am assuming that these difference should be okay.

I also have to design a match standard for the low frequency (DC to 2 GHz). For the "match standard", I am considering to use  high frequency RF resistor. In my design, I have put two 100 Ohm resistors in parallel to get the 50 Ohm termination. I have attached the datasheet of the resistor that i want to use and also the design of the "match standard". Since i am designing for the first time, I am not very sure about this. Could anyone here help me with this please? Thanks a lot.