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How to add markers using C and need more C programming examples

Question asked by quantum.gravity on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by daras
Hi -

I am new in programming Agilent's test equipment (N4552A) and also new in programming in C#. I setup a Spurious measurement, for a mixer (IM Spectrum for down-converters), and I want to program the PNA-X so that I can collect spur measurement data. I was thinking of using a marker to find the spur and collect its value, I would need the marker find the spur based on a passed frequency value. So my questions are as follows (Note: The program will be running locally from "Macros" in PNA-X):

1. I need more C# programming examples, most of the "PNA Help" are written in VB. Where can find good examples so I can better understand the programming structure.
2. How to declare a maker object 
3. How can I add makers to a current measurement
4. How to obtain the maker's current reading
5. How to make the marker search based on a given frequency

Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.