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vrf Stinkin' markers won't update

Question asked by sordon on Sep 19, 2002

since you are using vee 6.xx you can not only read, but also set the
markers. Now, if you try to set your markers to the invalid values you
read when changing the trace, they 'jump' to the correct y-values unless
you have declared them as 'interpolated'.
Just insert a formula box with
after the XY-Trace Object.

        Georg Nied
Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne

> I've had this problem -forever- with markers in displays. We like to
> have the display actively update, and we want the markers to read the
> new values (just like they do on instruments). I've never gotten this
> to work. I read the ADN tips on reading markers, but that also fails
> to address the problem. I modified that program to illustrate the
> problem. Start the attached program, set the markers, hit next trace,
> and see that the values don't change even though the trace does.
> Lousy! (I guess I could read the marker x-axis value, then read the
> trace value, then -somehow- set the marker Y value so it has the
> correct reading, but then, why would I need markers?
> I asked this on ADN, but no suggestions so far.
> Joel Dunsmore

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