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PNA-X smc channel power settings scpi help

Question asked by rok on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by johanericsson

I'm using the latest A.09.90.05 firmware. In looking through the help file under the 'Programming' section, under the 'SENSe:MIXer:' tree, they have commands to set the RF input power (i.e. 'INPut:POWer), and the LO power (i.e. 'LO:POWer'), but I couldn't find an entry to decouple the port powers or to set the IF output power. (i.e. a command like 'OUT:POWer')

For example, I want to setup a SMC channel using Ports 1&2 of the PNA-X to hook up to a downconverter RF and IF ports. (using embedded LO). I want to set the Port 1 power (RF side) to be  -20dBm and Port 2 power (IF side) to be -10dBm. 

A followup question is that if there is a SCPI command to set the Port 2 power for an SMC channel, will that automatically set the appropriate Port 2 source attenuator setting, or do I have to set it manually via 'SENSE:POW2:ATT ' command? For instance, if I want Port 2 power to be -40dBm, then the Port 2 source attenuator should be set to at least 10dB.