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53148A - AVERage Command for Power Measurement

Question asked by LMojica on Oct 16, 2013
Good Day,

I am doing a program for Power Measurement using AVERage Command with 53148A power meter.
I am using C# (attach file): 

My problem: 

When I config AVERAGE diferente to 1 (por exemplo :SENS:AVER:COUN 2) the measurement result is incorrect. If I am going to measure 1 mW power, for AVER  2 then the result is 1 mW/2 . If i am going to measure 1 mW then the result is 1 mW/64 (for AVER is 64). 

Operating and Programming Guide pag 3-76 say how to do averaged power measurement using *OPC? command. 

I need help.