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N9912A bug - There must be =2 cal kits of same connector.

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by am95405
I wish Agilent would pay me for finding FieldFox bugs - I would be a rich man. 
It would appear that there needs to be at least two calibration kits of the same connector type before any of the calibration kits of that connector type are shown in the menus. I could give several examples of this, but the most easily reproduced is the 85039B 75 Ohm F-connector. The 85039B is in the firmware, and is the only F-connector kit in the firmware. But if you select the type F connector, the 85039B can't be seen. 
The attached file "copy_of_85039B.xml" is virtually identical to the "85039B.xml" file in the FieldFox. The only difference is the "Label" line, which I modified to read

If the file "copy_of_85039B.xml" is now loaded into the FieldFox, one sees two calibration kits

1) 85039B
2) copy of 85039B

whereas previously there were none for the F-connector. 

This bug is not specific to the F-connector, as I see the same behavior with 7 mm kits and an SMA kit I made.