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N9912A does not keep the time even reasonably accurately.

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 24, 2014
I purchased a used N9912A which had firmware version 5.x and had the wrong date on it - I think it was showing some date in 2005. I updated the firmware to the latest A.07.32, taking note of the warning that one must set the date correctly before doing this. 

I don't expect the unit to have the accuracy of a hydrogen maser or cesium standard, but it has lost a month or so in a few days. As I write on the 24th April 2014, it is saying 17th March 2014, despite I set it right a few days ago. 

I understand from someone else there is a fix for this, but I would rather get it from Agilent, than a third party. The configuration of the analyzer, as reported on the "System menu" is 

*Model* N9912A
*Serial number* US48310201
*Firmware release* A.07.32
*Firmware build* 2014-03-17.16:32
*Network identity* N9912A, 192.161.111
*FPGA Rev* IOGA=0.101, RFGA=1.00, MeasDriver=A.01.01
*SBM Boot rev* 1.01 2008-08-05
*SBM Boot rev* 2.33 2013-06-24
*BIOS rev* 2.4.0
*RF Serial number* N/A
*RF Part identity* N/A
*RF Identity* N/A
*SB Serial number* N/A
*SB Part number* N/A
*SB Identity* N/A
*FP FW rev* 4:4
*FP Serial number* 0
*FP Part number* N9912-63003
*FP Identity* ID=0x0400,HW=0,OF=0,OP=0x0000,XT=0x0000,NM=FrontPan
*UserData Erased* 2014-03-17.21:47:45 (this is several hours ahead of the current time as shown on the instrument)
*Reflectometer Factory Cal* Port 1:2012-01-20, Port2:0001-01-1:Port 1-2:0001-01-1

Can anyone from Agilent tell me if there is a fix for this problem.