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Regarding custom DDR3 data rate testing

Question asked by kiruba on Apr 4, 2014
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I am using DDR3 (Discrete 64-bit with ECC) at 1200Mb/S Data rate.   As this is not a standard rate what are all the precautions and settings to be done before proceeding the automated test at 1200Mb/S (Such as Mask file, derate table file etc).  Here with I have attached the test result that I got with the 1200Mb/S run.  Some of the tests were failing.  I am going through "U7231B_DDR3_Compliance_App_Testing_Notes.pdf" to trace the route cause.  Especially on tWPRE, VIH.DQ(AC), VIH.DQ(DC), VOHdiff(AC) and VOLdiff(AC).  

Some time the instrument says "unable to find valid read burst" / "unable to find valid write burst".   How can I mitigate those. 

It would be helpful if some one direct me on the right path.  


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