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Download driver files for E8267C

Question asked by bob001 on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by hognala
I am currently building script software with VB .Net 

To port VB code to VB .Net, I need to import AgtPBPulse ,AgtPBPattern, AgtPBSignalGenerator

I think , i need  to import driver to get dll files to use those function.

Therefore, I visited product page to get driver files, but i couldn't find any driver files from Window 7 and VB .Net

Where should i download drivers ?


i download driver from

However, I am not really sure which dll files needs to import for these function



I thk , 
Dim Bin2To4Wav As New AgtPulseBuildingAPI.PBProject is the way to use library in VB .Net.

I haven't test yet. I will update the result later...

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