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N9010A EXA Upgrade problem

Question asked by irtrans on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by irtrans
we have got an older N9010A Spectrum Analyzer. We have bought the Window7 Upgrade (i7 CPU Board). Today we performed the upgrade. We did it strictly according to the Manual. It was a lengthy procedure because our device had the FW A01.50 installed.

We performed an update to A12.13 using the old OS (XP). After the update we exported the factory calibration data. 

Then we switched to the new CPU Board. First everything looked good. After importing the factory calibration data the device is no longer working. Only the 20-60MHz seem to be sweeped - the rest is just a straight line without any data. In addition there is an RF calibration error displayed if we do a manual "Align All".

A factory restore of the disk did not help. The old CPU board shows the same behaviour.

Attached you find a picture of the screen after the update.

What can we do to get a working analyzer again ??

Very frustrating having spent a lot of money for the upgrade and being left with an istrument that is not working any more.