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What's the difference between two current model Type-N sliding loads?

Question asked by drkirkby on Dec 27, 2013
I've been offered an 85054B 18 GHz N cal kit. I have not purchased it, but are in negotiations about the price and might buy it. The kit is listed as having 

* 85054-80009 Sliding Load Male N Type
* 85054-80010 Sliding Load Female N Type

When I check the current 85054B manual (attached), it lists the part numbers for the sliding loads as

* 85054-60035 Sliding Load Male N Type
* 85054-60036 Sliding Load Female N Type
Checking, I see all these parts are current parts. So I'm wondering what the difference between the sliding loads are. I assume the 85054-60035 & 85054-60036 are older parts, since they are not listed in the current Agilent manual, but they are still current parts, so are not obsolete. 

Can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of these sliding loads? 

I'd also like to know if they are the same physical size, since I'd intend buying new foam from Agilent for the box.  I've attached pictures of the 85054B I've been offered, which are not the same models as used in current kits, but might be acceptable for me, as I can't afford a current kit. 


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