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Some questions about Agilent handheld oscilloscope U1602B

Question asked by kamcm on Mar 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by algoss
Question 1
My Agilent 1602B showing up extra horizontal red lines when using autoscale, Is this normal ? Please advice!
Updated: I realized the red line is related to trigger mode,  but I am not sure if that horizontal lines are "designed to be visible"

My Agilent U1602B having BurnMark, is there anyway to mitigate the problem? 
More obvious in the startup screen
Updated:I tried to mitigate the problem by keep it on with meter interface for more than 4 hours.
However, the  LCD bias / burn-mark of  scope interface still there.

I received that U1602B  from Agilent a few days ago.
Is there anyway to confirmed whether it's a brand new replacement or refurbished replacement?

Please help,