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MSOX2012A "logic analyzer"

Question asked by david14 on Mar 16, 2014
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I very recently purchased the MSOX2012A scope.
My main intended use is to be able to visualize in real time and debug systems that include analog to digital converter (ADC, A2D...) .

I need the ability to see at least one analog signal and at least one SPI bus simultaneously.
To my surprise the digital channels cannot be decoded at all. Not even one serial protocol is supported, this is very strange because any low level cheap micro-controller based logic analyzer can easily decode most common serial signals like SPI, I2C and UART. I tried your "Serial Decode" add-on it is useless to me, it only decodes analog channels and I only have two analog channels and I need at least one of them for my analog signal. I know that your real time serial decoder is implemented in the ASIC and on my model is only available on the analog channels, but the decoding of serial digital protocols is very simple and has low computational requirements. Most modern micro-controllers implement this feature.
Can you implement some sort of software-based, even "offline" (not in run mode) serial decoding? this will save me the trouble switching to another scope.
A modern Logic Analyzer can decode serial data. Please do not claim that your product has a logic analyzer if it is useless for most modern implementations. You cannot even decode a classic 8bit bus because you need at least two more digital channels for the clock and enable/CS signals.  
I know that your 3000 series scopes can probably do what I need but it is much more expensive.

I checked other MSO manufacturers:

Tektronix: MSO2012B + DPO2EMBD Has it (about the same price) 
Rigol: MSO4012 Has it (about the same price)
Hameg: HMO1022 + HO3508 + HOO10 Has it (about the same price)
Siglent MSO / SDS2102 + function gen. + serial decode Has it (somewhat cheaper)
Lecroy: MS-250 + serial decode option Has it (more expensive but better) 

So, actually only Agilent wont trigger and decode on digital serial channels on their "MSO"

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