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TRL on HP 8753D

Question asked by peol1 on Nov 12, 2013
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I will verify a 2-port component mounted on PCB and planned to make a TRL kit for the PCB using open, short, load, thru and line. The distance from SMA connector to the component will be L, so the distance to the reflection "standards" would be L, the thru 2*L and the line would be 2*L+dL. For the HP8510 I have used before this was the standard procedure. However, I have realised that the HP8753D analyzer that I have available now is limited when it comes to TRL calibration (it has TRL*). What is the recommended way of doing it using this equipment? Can I still pursue with the PCB TRL kit, or should it be done in an other fashion?

Also, is there some way of saving a modified cal kit to the floppy disk? As I remembered, this could be done on the HP8510, but I haven't found any obvious sets of "button-pressing" that works for the HP8753D, besides saving the complete state.