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HP 54502A Digitizing Oscilloscope - restarts itself

Question asked by tomek on Nov 5, 2013

I have recently acquired HP 54502A oscilloscope. It passes self-test without any errors.
The problem I have with it is that it occassionally self-restarts. When such self-restart happens the oscilloscope's screen switches off
for a moment and "Hewlett-Packard Copyright ..." bootscreen appears for a moment and oscilloscope default screen appears 
(as after normal power-on). Sometimes, oscilloscope operates normally for a significant ammount of time, sometimes soon after powering-on first restart occurs. Usually after first restart, the next one follows soon and it is impossible to operate the device, because it is stuck in "self-restart loop" and it can't even make it to the dafault screen. In the moment of restart there is a single "click" sound (not the one generated by internal speaker, propably a relay).

Do you have any idea what can cause symptoms mentioned above? Maybe it is the power supply instability?

Thank you for your replies,