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Problem with LAN connection MSO6014A to IntuiLink

Question asked by kopka on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by algoss
I try to communicate with MSO6014A by IntuiLink.
After to the latest updates, there is a problem.

In the Agilent Connection Expert (version 16.3.17218.1) the device is properly displayed.

The web interface works.
Ping works.
Telnet from the command line goes on both ports. Specifically, the * idn? correctly answered.

In IntuiLink Data Capture program (Version 4.3.0) the address of the device (Menu Find instrument) was displayed correctly.
But - 

After "idenfity instrument (s)" this message is displayed

"Failed to connect to instrument at TCPIP0 :: :: 5025 :: SOCKET
Please check your settings and connections and try again."

On the right table by "name" and "Manufacturer" was only "???" displayed.

Analogously the same situation is shown in the Office (Excel) plug-in. (IntuiLink 5000/6000 Scope Toolbar)

Does anyone have an idea?

System Windows XP - Latest Updates
Oscilloscopes MSO6014A  - Latest Updates
IO Libraries Version 16.3.17218.1
IntuiLink Data Capture Version 4.3.0
IntuiLink 5000/6000 Scope Toolbar Version 1.13