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vrf Using HTTP and POSTDATA

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 24, 2002
Hi guys

Clearly, there is a Agilent Example coming with the VEE Pro installation which shows how to make a ActiveX window control ShDocVw.Webbrowser display a URL (homepage of Agilent). This might be useful but I have another trouble. I have a remotecontrolled power switch (ePowerSwitch) which is controlled via HTTP POSTs (there is a webinterface for websurfers, but I want to do it in VEE of course).

There are 3 options to control the switch from VEE:

- Depend on ActiveX component ShDocVw available in current install
- Depend on ActiveX component msinet (Internet Transfer) which is not really available,
  but is the one recommended by the ePowerSwitch programming guide for Visual Basic
  and Delphi (inet.execute...)
- Manage without ActiveX and emulate HTTP POSTs and GETs via VEE's I/O sockets

I would rather write code only using the Sockets to get independant from ActiveX components.
I have trouble to do this:

- Emulate traffic via sockets (seems to get thru, but what happens???)

To host, socket 80, as a text array:

0000: POST econtrol.html HTTP/1.0
0001: From:
0002: User-Agent: HTTPTool/1.0
0003: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
0004: Content-Length:  4
0006: P4=t"

- Also trouble to use these ActiveX calls:


I would clearly go for the VEE-socket-solution if it worked. Maybe I am missing something in the DATA to the http server? But what troubles me too is that the ActiveX-code displayed above does not seem to pass the POSTDATA-argument to the webpage. Try for yourself - add the ShDocVw and aim the Navigate-function for the WebBrowser_V control to GOOGLE ( and add POSTDATA "q=agilent" and see if GOOGLE seems to receive the POSTDATA...

Thanks in advance for all advice or solutions!!!


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