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HP 8591A spectrum analyzer (little problem)

Question asked by Hifreak on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by sm7ovk
Hello all,

I have a little problem with my old, but very reliable HP 8591A spectrum analyzer.
On the narrow spans i have a little center frequency variation, at higher spans it no longer falls on.


300 MHz -20 dBm cal out signal
Res Bw 3 KHZ
Span 200 KHz
Marker counter resolution 10 Hz
Read frequency deviation is about 299.99978 and 300.00017 MHz

The frequency is unconditional stable with frequency counter on the cal output.
I have read that the problem may sit in the A25 counterlock assy.
I do not have an clip manual from the unit.

Is there somebody who has a solution for this problem or maybe the counterlock assy manual (if this is the problem board?)

Despite everything i only want a HP/Agilent spectrum analyzer ;-)



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