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N1022A adaptor and 1134A strangeness

Question asked by MADENGR on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by MADENGR
I use the N1022A probe adaptor with an 1134A active, diff probe for RF sniffing, generally hooked to a spectrm analyzer.

If I hook the 1134A directly to an Infinium scope, it's working properly.

If I measure gain through the N1022A (it is 50 Ohm Zin and Zout) it has 0 dB gain, again seems to be working properly. The +/- 3VDC and +/- 12VDC are present on its probe power connections per page 16 of:

However when the N1022A is used with the 1134A, the voltage gain from probe tip to N1022A outut is -22 dB.  The bandwidth is flat. Is there some communication between these two that is not happening; i.e. the probe identification.  Maybe something is broke.

Any ideas?