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How to make a graph in time domain

Question asked by miko1977 on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2014 by miko1977
Hello Genesys forum

I am glad to be here. Genesys is a fantastic tool. My name is Minas Kouroublakis and i am from Greece. I am a Phd Radioastronomy student for the Helenic Open University. Recently i've been assigned to design and build a radiotelescope receiver at 2.8 GHz. I decided to design it with Genesys because i believe it is the most user-friendly RF software around. I am a beginner so forgive me if my questions are simplistic or dumb. I wish to know if it is possible to have graphs from some ports of the system in the time domain. 
Does spectrasys support time domain graphs?
Thanks Minas