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emds_mesher.exe crashes

Question asked by rad on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by HSLEE

I'm new to the software and trying to run simulations and match them with what's in the textbook. I was able to simulate a dipole antenna, now I'm on circular loop antenna.

When I run a simulation, the first phase takes about 15-20 minutes after which the external window becomes unresponsive and is closed by Windows. It usually happens between "face splitting" and "faceting body" steps. 

In the log, the error is "Fatal failure during saving of SAT file design_comb_result.sat : 7015, errmsg = Access violation". I tried to run software as admin, which didn't help. 

It's quite possible that I'm doing something wrong. This is what my design looks like for circular loop:
I used 50 Ω voltage source and the distance between the sides is arbitrary.

I use x64 version of EMpro 2011.07

Thank you

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