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Would Agilent calibrate this 3.5 mm 85052B kit? If so, to what spec?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 5, 2013
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I've got an old HP 85052B cal kit, and wondering if there were would be any problems if I sent this to Agilent for calibration, given that 90% of the parts were not supplied with the kit originally, but are later HP or Agilent versions of the same parts. Main changes are

1) Replaced foam - obviously the old foam had broken down. 
2) Connector gages changed to later HP versions which fit the foam I bought from Agilent .
3) Sliding loads changed to later HP versions which fit the foam I bought from Agilent .
4) Lowband loads changed to later HP or Agilent broadband loads. 

The Agilent 902D female load was purchased new from Agilent, as was the foam which goes in the box. Most of the other parts are either new or very nearly new, and were bought from eBay. So currently I have:

* Foam for bottom of the case (bought directly from Agilent)
* Agilent 909D female broadband load 00902-60006 (bought directly from Agilent)
* HP 902C male broadband load 00902-60003 
* Agilent male short 85052-60006
* Agilent female short 85052-60007
* Agilent male open 85052-60008
* Agilent female open 85052-60009
* HP 911D male sliding load
* HP 911E female sliding load
* HP male connector gage 11752-60020
* HP female connector gage 11752-60021
* HP Torque wrench 8710-1765
* two adapters (the female-female is missing. Anyone got a spare F-F adapter?) 

See the picture of it now, with the newer connector gages, newer sliding loads etc. 

I'm not exactly sure what the S/N on the old HP 85052B box is, as the first two digits are very hard to read, but I think it is 2223A00253. 

If I sent this to Agilent for calibration, would there be any problems the fact that 90% of the parts are different to those that would have been originally supplied by HP? Has the test specification of the 85052B changed over the years? If so, what would these parts be checked against  - the S/N on the HP box, or the parts (mostly Agilent), or would Agilent just give up!!! 

Once I get a F-F adapter, and so the kit is complete, I'd like to send it to Agilent to get it calibrated. But are wondering if that might be problematic given most of the parts are later versions. 


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