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E4440A Programming w/ VEE Pro 9.3

Question asked by tomtomjr on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by emcpete
*E4440A NF programming w/VEE Pro 9.3*: commands per manual don't work: To load frequency list ":MMEM:NFIG:LOAD:FREQ, \"C:FREQ003.LST\"" results in "undefined header";
to output NF ":READ:NFIG:ARR:SCAL:DATA:CORR:NFIG?" results in "query unterminated" or a list of zeroes in VEE Pro 9.3. Also ":INIT:IMM" followed by "FETC;NFIG:ARR:SCAL:DATA:CORR:NFIG?" yields same results. Need help this week and Agilent Support in week long training session. Thx Tomtomjr