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Having a horizontal time measurement problem in burst power mode EXA N9010A

Question asked by telenochekrf on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by tabbott
Hi guys, 

I am using an EXA N9010A in burst power mode and having the following problem:
When using external trigger (Trigger 1), the timing measurements reported by burst power are grossly incorrect. The timing measurements have been verified simultaneously with a power splitter + log detector + oscilloscope. 
The origin of the problem is that the RF waveform timing does not seem to be correctly scaled with the "sweep time" of the EXA.

For example - let's suppose I have an RF burst in my RF system. 20usec before the end of the RF envelope burst, there is a trigger signal provided. 
In the setup with external oscilloscope plus external log detectors, the burst ends in 20usec as it should.
In EXA N9010A burst mode, whether it's 20usec or 10usec or 5 usec or 40 or 42usec all depends on the "sweep time" set. 
For example, let's suppose I place a marker on the burst falling envelope edge. Let's say the marker reports X microseconds.  If I change "sweep time", the marker will still report X microseconds, so the marker is scaled correctly. However, the RF burst waveform is not scaled correctly, and the marker is no longer on the falling edge. 

I am running windows XP, SP3 on the EXA, with software version 13.12

Any help would be much appreciated.

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