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12 term error correction in N9912A

Question asked by theamberco on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by am95405
I have an N9912A, so is a T/R set so I cant do 12 term error correction.
But if I can do this:

1 Fwd Directivity 2 Fwd Source Match 3 Fwd Reflection Tracking 4 Fwd Load Match 5 Fwd Transmission Tracking 6 Fwd Isolation
then since I am only transmitting in one port I can get S11 and S21 my measurements in those S parameters so in my calibration the one port systematic erros will be corrected. If I turn arround the DUT so I can do S22 and S12 the same way. So does this mean my calibration would be like 12 errors corrected.