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Prgramming a power supply 6035A using Labview

Question asked by cho on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by MattC
Hello everybody,

I am trying to control my power supply 6035A using a labview.
Up to now, I can control power supply based on command expert sequence in labview. When I use this method (using Agilent command express sequence icon in labview), it is possible to do simple control including apply specific voltage for specific time.

But, I have no idea how I can obtain the data of variation in current as a function of time at specific voltage (constant voltage mode).
I have tried to use a couple of icons (functions) provided by Agilent 6035A Labview driver. But, I could not do it.

I just want to measure the current variation as a txt or excel file during measurement.

Please let me know. Attached are my current labview system.

Have a good day!