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Momentum and Layout Component Sync

Question asked by Leyo on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by volker_muehlhaus
Very basic question on ADS 2102.08. Want to make sure that I am doing it correct.

1. Created  layout (Cell1) with a copper trace and ports. In the EM set up window, set the  start frequency as 1.8GHz and Stop freq as 1.9 GHz. Clicked on "Create now" for emmodel and symbol. Is  ADS doing the EM simulation and computing the S parameters at this point (When clicked the "Create Now" for EM Model)?. Or what is there in this Em model. Does it have the EM simulation results?

2. Created  a schematic view and dragged  the symbol (From Cell1). Set up the S parameter simulation with Start Freq as 1.8GHz and Stop as 1.9 GHz. Ran the simulation. The "Let the Hierarchy Policy  determine" was selected  in "Choose View For Simulation".  ADS quickly did the simulation. But, I think  the EM simulation is not used at this point, right.

3.  Selected the "Use this for simulation " and selected my "EM Model" and ran the simulation from Schematic view.  Looks like ADS is doing the EM simulation now. The results are different from step 2. But, I don't see any meshing of the copper in my Layout ?. 

4. Suppose I change my schematic window S parameter Start to 1.6GHz and Stop as  2Ghz (In the EM set up it is 1.8 Ghz and 1.9 GHz, respectively) . When simulation is run from the schematic view  with EM modele selected as view for simulation, will it run the EM simulation again with the new frequency set in the schematic view?

5. Suppose I make some changes in the copper in cell 1 layout view and save. How to  make sure that this change in reflected in the schematic view and in my simulation results?

6. Suppose I add another port in the layout view on the copper. How to make sure that it is reflected in the schematic view?

7. In the EM set up window, there is an option for "Mode/symbol". Then there is another one under "EM","Component","Create Model/Symbol". Are they same?