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How to give biasing for two transistors connected feedback with capacitance

Question asked by nimbargi on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by nimbargi
I used the two ATF54143 transistors(Biasing Vds=3V, Ids=60mA)and connected capacitive shunt feed back and capacitor is connected between source of one transistor and drain of the other transistor. I tried to give the biasing for the two transistor, achieved the biasing for one transistor. What is my problem is , I have to get the 3V and 60mA at the drain of two transistors and some Milli volts at the gate of the two transistors, this what I desire. But I am getting ( as shown in the below figure) 3v and 0 mA at the red ring shown at #1 , 0v and 0mA at the red ring #2. Also I am getting 4.96 mv at the # 3 (as shown in the figure) and 0 mV at #4(as shown in the figure).

What I need is, I have to get 3V and 60mA(drains of the both transistor) at #1 and #2 transistors 1 and 2, similarly I have to get same Milli Volts(Gate of two transistors) at #3 and #4 of transistor 1 and 2.
I have attached two transistor feed back DC BIAS connection figure