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Data acquisition unit (34970A) and PNAX(N5242A

Question asked by need2learn on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by Dr_joel

Is it possible to control 34970A from PNA-X external device as DC Meter?

I'm trying to use this amazing all in one equipment to do even more all in one test.

The task i'm trying to do is similar to PAE measurement, but i need more than 2 parameters to measure.

I need to sweep 15 different DC voltage as i do power sweep on PNA-X.

I have 20 channel multiplexer card in 34970A, all measuring DC voltages from 1-10V.

I have connected 34970A and PNA-X using GPIB and set device as external DC meter but it seems like commands don't work.

Thank you in advance.