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N5532B Sensor vs N8487A-CFT

Question asked by rftech3000 on May 15, 2013
Some time ago we purchased a incomplete N5532B from ebay mostly because of the 11667C splitter in the unit !
i been looking at the sensor element N5532-60023 and was wondering if this can be used just as a regular 50GHz sensor , reading the service manual of the N5532 it states that the sensor used is a N8487A-CFT but comparing the mechanical dimensions of our N8481A and the N5532 Element it doesnt seem to make sense since the N5532-60023 is shorter than the N8481A , in fact the lenght seems to be more in line with a 8487A !
So maybe someone can shed some light on this , is the N5532-60023 a N8487 that was re-packaged into a shorter housing or is this a completly different design ?  will this thing work like a regular N8487A-CFT ?