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N9000A No Keyboard!

Question asked by jeffw on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by andyluo
We just received our new N9000A CXA analyzer as a replacement for our 17 year old HP 8591 emc analyzer (still working!).  
The quick start instructions indicate to attach the mouse and keyboard, but the keyboard was nowhere to be found.
In table 1-1 of the quick start guide "Verifying the contents" it clearly indicates that a mouse and keyboard are part of the contents.
Upon contacting the sales rep, we were told that the keyboard is optional!  There is no indication in the documentation that this is optional.
How can Agilent skimp on such a low cost item for a $20K+ instrument!   
Before ordering the instrument, I was concerned that this instrument appears to have Windows XP.  The sales rep indicated that he believed that all instruments would now be coming with Windows 7.   XP has been EOL by Microsoft since 2009.  How can Agilent still be shipping equipment with XP?!   I am very concerned that this will effect the long term viability of this instrument and we will not get nearly the lifetime from this unit as we did from our old HP8591.  I hope Agilent will offer free updates for an OS from this decade.
We haven't had time yet to explore the capabilities of this analyzer, but it has been a very disappointing start.