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de-embedding sparameters and saving in mixed mode

Question asked by glemire on Mar 21, 2014
I am currently programming my pna5225a to capture return loss measurements on my device under test.

I am programming via the gpib interface. my setup consists of using port 1 and port 3 of the pna to measure return loss

1) capture raw s2p, save as s11,s13,s31,s33 - done
2) de-embed PCB - for this i run a 4 port de-embed (topology A) - done
3) save as de-embedded s2p file -done

here is where i am not sure...

4) save as de-embeded mixed mode - i know that i can go to the gui file/saveas menu and a choose ports for snp file popup window appears. i can choose to save C1, D1 in mixed mode format - done. however, i cannot find how to do it via the gpib menu.