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Missing Timestamps on 34461A CSV File Export to USB Drive

Question asked by glowitz on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by apolkhanov
Upon saving several hours of measurement data to a USB drive, I was surprised to see that there is no "X" axis time stamp in the data file -- only the "Y" axis measurement. In this case, I was measuring temperature vs. time. Without knowing what time something occurred or the relationship between sample points, the value of the data is greatly diminished.

1) Is there a way to export the timestamps in the data to a CSV file? Perhaps a configuration menu somewhere? I've attached the CSV file for reference. Perhaps I missed something.

2) I did happen to capture the screen shot, but I want to do post-processing on the data with Excel (or another application) and need the X and Y data. Yes, in this particular case, I could linearly extrapolate backwards based on the elapsed time shown in screen shot, but it was only by chance that I had that screen grab.

3) If this isn't possible, this should really be implemented in the next firmware release. There is no reason not to store the measurement time stamp along with the key measure. It's fundamental to many engineering needs.

4) Also, another user interface improvement would be to clearly allow saving to CSV in the Utility menu. Right now it's buried under the Acquire menu. In the Utility menu, there is an area for saving files, including volalite STATE files, as well as PREF files. There should be a 3rd option to save a CSV file directly in the utility menu.

5) In addition, when saving any kind of file, the unit should be smart enough to auto-increment (or have this as an option) the file name. Otherwise it keeps trying to overwrite an existing file -- and it's a lot of keystrokes when you want to save multiple views to a USB drive or internal memory.

If the PM for this product would like to engage in some customer communication with me, I have a number of constructive user improvements that should be relatively straight-forward to implement in the firmware that would enhance the usability of this unit. Overall it's a very nice product -- just some unexpected UI-related behaviors that could be improved, making a more satisfying and productive user experience. I welcome further collaboration.

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