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E3633A power supply and analog milliammeter current reading comparison

Question asked by ditch08 on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by ditch08
Good day to all,

I have this E3633A programmable ps model i am using to measure the current in my servo motor. I have a program with scpi commands to fetch idle and running current readings from the power supply. I made comparisons with the pps current reading with the analog milliammeter and i want to know why do they differ in detecting the max current? I read about 300+ milliamps with the pps when the shunt of the analog milliammeter only reach about 180milliamps. I have a servo connected to the pps in series with the analog milliammeter so that i can compare the readings at the same time when i command the servo to move to a certain angle. Why is this so? My running current reading for the servo motor is important that my reading with the analog milliammeter complies with the specs of the servo motor and the pps don't. Do i need to compute the pps current readings to get the same result as what my analog milliameter gets?. Thanks.