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PNA-X Calibration All disk space issue

Question asked by rok on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by rok

When performing the 'Calibration All' (consisting of an SMC channel of 801 pts, smc channel of 1601pts, NF channel of 401 pts), from time to time, I get these error dialogs (see attached) when I reach the end of the Calibration All process when it is saving the calibrations.

I manage to trace the problem to 0 bytes of free disk space left on the local C: hard disk drive. My question is how much free disk space should I reserve prior to the calibration all process to ensure that problem doesn't occur. Or whether the 'Calibration All' process can first check if enough disk space is available, since it seems to use up a lot of disk space during the process, and people won't be too happy to waste 3 hours of calibration time only to fail at the very end.

Finally, I notice that when I rebooted the computer, an additional ~3 Gigabytes of extra free disk space appeared on the local C: drive. Is the Calibration All using some sort of swap disk mechanism that requires that much of temporary disk space?

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