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Programming the DSOX3000 series

Question asked by Willco788 on Nov 9, 2013
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I'm writing a VB6 program that configures my DSOX3024 to measure a capacitor's ESR.  My program activates the wavegen with a 100 Khz, 1 volt RMS sinewave.  When I connect the vertical channel to the wavegen output and a 100 uF capacitor, for example, the RMS level drops.  The program calculates the current based on the 50 ohm impedance and 1 volt RMS minus the voltage across the capacitor.  It then calculates the ESR based on the voltage across the capacitor divided by the current.  

The problem is, when my program configures the vertical channel for 10mv per div,  that scale is fine for a 100 uF/16v electrolytic capacitor.  When I connect a 1 uF/50 volt electrolytic, the level greatly increases and the waveform clips.

Is there a way to query the channel or determine when the waveform is clipped?  I can use the query to automatically adjust the volts per div in my program.

Jack Albert
Willco Electronics.

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