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Report As: on Limits tab (Testplan Editor window)

Question asked by andreas_h on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2013 by andreas_h

From the help system:

+*Report As*+
+(Used only when specifying multiple limits per test) A field that shows the name under which results will be reported for the currently selected test limit. The name specified here will appear in reports and in the Report window. If you prefer a different name, enter it in this field.+

Why it works only if you have multiple limits per teststep?

If you have to design the report to parse it into other databaseses, it would be very helpfull to use this feature:
1. - also for a single limit per teststep.
2. - also to use a reference at this place, so one could pass the name or part of it by interface params to sequences. (Sequences could be designed more commen)

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