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E4418A/B CLIP and measurement board upgrade !

Question asked by rftech3000 on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by scott.qi
i have a E4419A powermeter i bought a few years ago and up until now only used with 8487 sensors , the issue is that if i connect a E4413A sensor to channel A and step down power from +10 to -60dBm everything looks great up until you hit the -30dBm mark , if you go lower the level reading on the meter jumps down to -70dBm and stay there, as soon as you go back to -30dBm the reading is ok again , this problem does not appear on Channel B and follows the measurement board !
I was looking for the schematics on this unit to see if i can find the issue but if somebody has any suggestions on what the issue might be on the board then id appreciate it , also does anyone have the part# for the schematic manual ?

Second question is in regards to the EPROM on the measurement board, there was a upgrade kit available a few years ago to enable to use of E9300 Series sensors but it is now obsolete , is there a immage or hex file for this EPROM available somewhere or does anyone have a EPROM that can be copied ?