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DSO6054A 221 settings conflict error when changing channel coupling

Question asked by rok on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by bret

I am running the latest firmware on the above mentioned oscilloscope. (6.16.0001)

I'm trying to change the channel coupling from DC to AC by the 'CHAN1:COUP AC' remote command. But when I try to do it via the ACE interactive window, I get a '221 Settings conflict error'. But when I change it manually on the oscilloscope itself, it lets me do it! So I don't understand why I being blocked from changing it remotely. I looked up the error in the programming guide, but it only talks about it in reference to a waveform subsystem query (Page66). I did check the 'TIMEBASE:MODE?' and it is set to 'MAIN'. 

Any ideas why and how to get it to work?