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N5182B SCPI/file format info for waveform header

Question asked by andyTPE on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by pedro77
Hello MXG Users,

Where can I find information on the file format for an ARB file header?

Chp 5 of Programmers Guide, Table 5-7 offers the command: MMEM:DATA "HDR1:",.

Many pages are devoted to explaining byte swapping of the i/q samples and there is a page or so on the marker file.....  But I have scanned Chp 5 for a description of what should be (and what can be) in the header file and it's associated syntax to no avail.  The best I could do was find a code snippet on p 296 which yielded :sour:radio:arb:header:write ....... and I failed to find an entry in the manual for this command.

The documentation suggests that this is where all the hardware settings go - sample rate, scaling etc, which makes sense since I want these tied to the waveform....  Would just be nice if the programming manual told you the format....

Please help