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vrf Inexplicable Error 440 on HidePanel()

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 6, 2006
 Im getting an inexplicable error 440 “Invalid operation for data type Real64† on a formula box with a HidePanel(“UFname†) statement which makes no sense!  VEE acts like “UFName† is a real64. How can that be?


Ive put error pins on the only two instances of HidePanel and apparently they don’t trap the error. Could VEE be falsely reporting which formula caused the Real (pun intended) error?


Also this defect is intermittent and I cannot reproduce it but it happened three or four times on at least two different machines.


Has anyone had this or similar problem before?

Could it be caused by code in the panel’s UF that executes when VEE goes to close it?

Please reply ASAP.


Thanks in advance VRF-ers!
Greg Wale



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