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PXI FPGA for PXI-based Vector Signal Analyzer?

Question asked by ali8 on May 5, 2013
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I am considering the  Wideband MIMO PXI Vector Signal Analyzer.  I have looked at the typical configurations for use with Microwave frequencies, a Downconverter, a LO, a Digitizer(s) and either an embedded controller or connecting to a PC. Other modules may be added...

But, I need to have a PXI FPGA unit so that I can implement computationally-intensive algorithms that a normal PC would take hours to do. 

I searched in the website and it looks like Agilent do not provide such units. National Instruments, for example, do provide such PXI FPGA units but they are programmable mainly through Lab View which I think will only increase the development time since I will need to deal with NI software and Agilent software at the same time.

Is there any practical solution for this? What do people normally do?


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