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E8364B returned trace data in wrong format

Question asked by ChuckGantz on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by gfarrel
I'm using a E8364B, fw 07.50. I've been controlling it with a 32 bit XP pc. Recently we've upgraded to a Windows 7 64 bit pc.

I issue the command meas.getData(NADataStore.naMeasResult, NADataFormat.naDataFormat_LogMag), where meas points to S21, S11, or S22. On the XP machine, the data returns in the correct dB form. On the Windows 7 machine, the data seems to be returned in raw form. If I do 20*log10 of the returned data, the result is within a few thousands of a dB for S21, and within about .2 to .4 dB for S11 and S22, as compared to the markers

In the past when this has happened, on a newer PNA-X, it seemed that the pc got a bit out of sync with the firmware, and re-running PnaProxy took care of the problem. I tried that on the Windows 7 machine several times, but no luck.

Any ideas about how to fix this problem. And, if it can't be fixed, how can I get a more accurate conversion. I think if it is raw form, I need to get both real and imaginary. I'll try that, but am I on the right track.