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E4412A and N1914A DC Block

Question asked by ianf on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by dhamilton

My test system (7GHz 1W) is required to be Galvanically Isolated from the DUT. In order to achieve this requirement, each RF Test path has been fitted with a Inner/Outer DC Block (10MHz to 18GHz) (Pasternack 9382).

The problem is that with the N1914A / E4412A combination, and the DC Block fitted, the sensor is picking up a low frequency signal on its own sensor lead, even when connected directly to the Cal Port connector (Disabled), and due to the DC Block Outer capacitor, this is having an adverse effect on the signal reading i.e. no longer reading noise -75dBm but -57dBm.

What low frequency signals are present in sensor cable, and is there a DC Block available that will overcome this problem?