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SCPI command to set the frequency for power measurement on Agilent 53147A?

Question asked by vmadhavan13 on Nov 1, 2013

I am trying to automate some measurements which require me to use an Agilent 53147A Freq Counter/Power Meter/Digital Voltmeter. The instrument has an option of setting the frequency of the signal we intend to measure the power of. This is done by clicking the "FREQ" button on the instrument and entering the frequency value of the signal whose power we intend to measure. This way the power meter uses the appropriate calibration factor for that frequency for providing accurate signal power level.

I want to set the frequency of the signal whose power I intend to measure through remote control in labview but have not met success as I have not been able to find the SCPI command associated with this task in the operating manual. What SCPI command is to be used for this purpose? Any comment in this regard would be highly appreciated.

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