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N5182B syntax questions

Question asked by andyTPE on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by tabbott
Hello MXG Users,

Running B.01.30 firmware....

I hope someone can help with the following:
1) If I issue a :mem:delete:name "testIQ" in an attempt to delete a waveform file called testIQ, then no errors are thrown :), but the file is not deleted :( 
2) Deciding to get more extreme, I issued a :mem:delete:iq command.  This did not work as advertised (i.e. did not delete my i/q files - which I am assuming are my waveform files that I downloaded) and threw a -113 Undefined Header error
3) Re-reading the manual, it was not clear whether I should be deleting iq files or dmod files, so I tried :mem:delete:dmod and got the same response as in (2)

So, can someone help me with deleting files that I have downloaded.....

On a slightly different topic:
Is there any way to execute a user flatness calibration?  I see all the commands to load a user flatness file, but is there any command to actually execute the flatness cal?  Or, is this capability been superseded by the I/Q calibration?  Those nice folks in Munich allow you to do a user flatness on their sources - you just tell the box what frequencies and it will run its calibration routine over the frequencies specified (and even over power ranges if required).....